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Find the right cartridge for your turntable

Are you looking for an element for your turntable? At ALBEPRO you will find what you are looking for. We offer a full line of the highest quality cartridges and diamond needles so that everyone from the most discerning analog enthusiast to the casual listener can experience great audio. Visit our showroom in Helmond or order via the webshop! In any case, we will give you personal and honest advice.

The right cartridge for your turntable
You will find various brands of cartridges and needles for your record player.
We would like to explain the following element for you: the "NAGAOKA MP-500". The MP-500 is Nagaoka's current flagship and although the entire MP line is designed according to the same recipe, this can be seen in a number of details.
For example, the needle holder is anchored by means of a tiny Allen screw.
In addition, the housing is better shielded thanks to a 'permalloy' shield and the coils are selected. The pure diamond (nude shank) needle tip has a so-called SuperFine line contact and is located at the end of a boron cantilever.

In addition, we would also like to highlight the 'AT-VM95E' of the Audio-Technica brand. This cartridge is used by various record player manufacturers. Easy assembly, replaceable needle, so it is no longer necessary to purchase a complete cartridge. If your needle is worn out, you can simply purchase and upgrade a new matching needle each time.

Have your turntable repaired or serviced
Do you notice that your record player is malfunctioning or that the cartridge or needle no longer produces the desired sound? Then give your record player in for repair. We repair your record player as completely as possible thanks to our many years of knowledge and the fact that we have worked with different brands. Do your record player and the accompanying element or needle show no defects, but do you want to give the record player in for maintenance just to be on the safe side? That is also possible with us.

Ask us your question
Are you interested in the advantages of an Ortofon cartridge or Audio Technica needles for your record player? Then please contact us. We can be reached by telephone on +31 (0)492 77 9000 or send an e-mail to We are happy to help you find the right element for your record player.

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