ALBEPRO is NAGAOKA's official dealer in the Netherlands.

The complete "MP" program and the new "JewelTone" series from NAGAOKA can be found in our program including the new DJ-44G replacement needle.


Nagaoka was founded in 1940 as a supplier of precision parts for the mechanical watch industry and has earned its expertise in processing difficult-to-cut materials such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

NAGAOKA's Technology can be found "here"

The official name at the time was “Nagaoka Clock Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd”.

In 1947, NAGAOKA launched a sapphire needle for the gramophone and in 1956 the first diamond needle was manufactured in Japan.

Known as "the Diamond Processing Specialist", NAGAOKA is a global manufacturer of record stylus, probe pins, cutting blades and many more industrial products.

The following years will be an era of high growth, with more than 300 employees, the development of unique polishing technologies has grown strongly with which the diamond record stylus was introduced.

To meet the expectations of NAGAOKA fans, NAGAOKA continues to produce turntable record needles today.

1971 Trademark changed to "NAGAOKA Corporation"

Currently, more than 90% of bonded needle tips sold worldwide come from NAGAOKA

The NAGAOKA cartridges and needles have had an excellent reputation for decades and are known by music lovers and professionals for their high manufacturing precision and an almost unbeatable price-quality ratio.

All NAGAOKA "MP" (Moving Permalloy) series cartridges belong to the 'Moving Iron' (MI) family and have interchangeable needles.

In the body (right above the needle carrier) is a relatively large, stationary Samarium-Cobalt magnet.

The cantilever is not provided with a magnet (as is the case with standard MM elements) but made of an alloy with a very high magnetic conductivity.

Thanks to this construction, the MPs have a low tip mass, an improved dynamic behavior and an efficient generator.

The "MP" series consists of the following cartridges, MP-500, MP-300, MP-200, MP-150, MP-110 and the MP-100 which are all available @ ALBEPRO, see below overview.

2020 To commemorate the 80th anniversary of NAGAOKA founding

The new JEWELTONE JT-80 series of MM type cartridges for records

This time, the cartridge body, stylus and knob were designed from scratch to express the new NAGAOKA.

The newly designed MM type cartridge is the first time in about 40 years for Nagaoka before the release of the "MP" type cartridge.

It also won the 2020 Good Design Award.

At the milestone of the 80th anniversary of its founding, Nagaoka, who has continued to walk with records, has developed with the hope that the goodness of record culture will be reaffirmed by introducing new products toward the analog record market, which has been showing new excitement in recent years.

The JEWELTONE JT-80 series lineup consists of two models JT-80LB and JT-80BK available @ ALBEPRO

Regarding the bodies of JT-80BK and LB , they are different.
Although exactly the same looking , but the coil and other parts inside are different.

The same situation for MP series.
Basically , they are all different.
But MP-100 and 110 are quite close and the same situation for MP-150 and 200.
MP-300 and MP-500 are not.

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