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Are your audio products, for example your record player, in need of repair? We are happy to help you. We specialize in overhaul and maintenance of equipment from many brands. So you can contact us for the repair of any type of record player. You can bring your audio component by appointment or deliver it by post in correct packaging. The duration of the overhaul or repair will be confirmed once the prognosis of your audio component is known. This will be carefully inspected and we will also advise you without obligation regarding the revision options.

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ALBEPRO is the Technics® specialist of the Benelux! We are an authorized dealer of Technics®/ © Panasonic Corporation. We sell and repair products from various brands, namely:

Micro Seiki
Acoustic Energy
Lehmann Audio
Cambridge Audio
Ortofon DJ & HiFi Vinyl
Dr Feickert Analogue


Based on our passion for music and technology, we provide you with personal advice regarding record player repair and the options for audio components. You will also find various record players and element combinations with us. We also take care of the complete adjustment of your new acquisition, such as tonearm setting and cartridge mounting. You can contact us for the purchase of audio components, cartridges and needles, record player accessories, cabling, repair and maintenance. As your specialist, we will always ensure that the latest models can be heard first in our showroom and studio, while enjoying a delicious cup of Lavazza coffee.


In 1983, the first Technics SL came into maintenance after an electronics training course. At the time, obtaining Technics® parts was no problem. Nowadays, many Technics® parts are no longer available. We have our own warehouse with an enormous amount of original Technics® parts. All services, repairs and maintenance work are carried out in-house by ALBEPRO. Nothing is outsourced to a third party, which means that our service guarantees quality. We also repair and maintain turntables and audio components from brands such as Denon, Marantz, Philips, Pioneer, Thorens, Jelco, Era, Audio-Technica and Garrard. In addition to the overhaul work mentioned, we also offer customized overhauls and upgrades.


Our customers who come to us for the repair of their record player are companies, theaters, pop venues, producers, studios, DJ equipment rental companies, various well-known Dutch celebrities, but of course you as a consumer are very welcome!


Minimum research costs and the hourly rate are €69.50/hour excluding VAT and are rounded to the nearest full hour depending on the time frame of the research. For overhaul and maintenance work on the Technics SL-1200 series turntables, we can generally quote a price immediately during your visit. For audio components older than 10 years, we do not talk about repairs but about a restoration or overhaul of the audio component. Payments for repairs and maintenance services must be made within 5 days of completion by bank transfer. If you can visit us within this period, payment by card or cash is also possible.

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Do you have questions about submitting your record player for repair? Or would you like to receive more information about our other products? Please contact us. We can be reached by telephone at +31 (0)492 77 9000 or by e-mail to