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The tech world is no longer friendly to people who appreciate good quality sound.  The rise of compressed audio, met with the prevalence of shoddy mass-produced stereo amps and speakers, means that standards have fallen in the world of quality sound.

But here at ALBEPRO we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of impeccable High-End and, Home Cinema- and DJ Solutions. Because at ALBEPRO, quality is everything.  Discerning listeners know the difference, and at ALBEPRO, we do too.

Quality audio is all about faithful reproduction of sound.  The more lifelike the sound, the more alive the connection can become.  When you can pick out details you had not heard before, hear musical parts you were not aware of, and enjoy more subtlety of timbre, that’s when you can close the gap between reproduction and reality.  The very best sound systems will reconstruct the acoustic environment and put you where you want to be – in the music.

Technics® brand name of Panasonic

When Panasonic launched the Technics brand in 1970, the world of sound reproduction changed forever.  For over three decades, the Technics reputation was built by insisting that every component, every control and every feature, must serve the cause of bringing pure sound to demanding consumers and audio professionals who would settle with nothing less. The ultimate goal was to deliver the most pure sound, to allow the true artistry of the music to be heard and touch the soul.  

In 1972, Technics released its first direct-drive turntable system, SL-1200, which later became the industry standard for professional broadcast studios and DJ’s on an international scale, with over three million units sold. Technics “1200s,” known for their durability and reliability, have been recognized as one of the most important musical instruments in history, with technology that has helped to shape the world we live in. In 2010, Panasonic ceased production of the Technics brand.

Termination of Technics-brand by Panasonic November 2010

Panasonic has confirmed that it ceased the production of its Technics-branded analogue turntables.

After more than 35 years as a leading manufacturer of analogue turntables, Panasonic has regretfully taken the decision to leave this market. However, Panasonic will continue to sell headphones under the Technics brand.

In addition, the number of component suppliers serving the analogue market has dwindled in recent years and we brought forward the decision to leave the market rather than risk being unable to fulfill future orders because of a lack of parts.

ALBEPRO starts with Technics-brand 2010

Because of Panasonic ceased the production of its Technics-branded analogue turntables, ALBEPRO started on February 2010 with the brand name Technics as a official dealer of the Benelux.

Production of brand new MK2's, to fulfill orders of parts we are proud to have the biggest stock of Technics parts from the Benelux.

Technical engineering, repairs and upgrading of the Technics series SL-1200 and SL-1210 direct drive turntables.  

ALBEPRO the Technics® specialist from the Benelux.