Technics SL-1000MKII Professional Direct Drive Turntable

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Introducing Technics SL-1000MKII
The advanced player system with the professional direct-drive system of Technics SP-10MKII
It’s expensive. Because the combination of materials, craftsmanship and technology is rare.
Like the obsidian lave base.
One of the highest density materials knows to man.
And one of the best solutions knows to feedback.

Introducing Technics EPA-100 Tonearm
The world’s first nitrogen-hardened titanium tonearm.
The same rigid titanium nitride developed for aerospace.
It’s less than 85% the weight of aluminium.
With far better vibration characteristics.

Another impressive achievement in tonearm design is the ultra-sensitive suspension.
Five ruby ball bearings in four anti-shock pivots.
With one-fifth the friction of conventional ball bearings.
And with Technics unique variable damping you can custom-tune the tonearm to virtually any cartridge.

Introducing Technics SP-10MKII
The heart of the SL-1000MKII is the quartz-locked direct-drive system of the SP-10MKII
It’s unsurpassed accuracy, unrivalled torque and incredibly fast stop/start action.
You can turn on this performance from your listening position with the Technics SH-10R remote control.

Technics SL-1000MKII
A unique combination of technology for the audiophile who demands the ultimate in turntable performance.
Compare specifications and you will see why there’s no comparison for Technics SL-1000MKII

the Technics SL-1000MKII Professional Direct-Drive Turntable including:
Technics SP-10MKII Direct Drive Turntable
Technics EPA-100 Nitrogen-Hardened Titanium Tonearm
Technics Headshell SH-100S
Technics Model SH-10B3 Obsidian Lava Turntable Base
Technics Model SH-10E Power Unit AC~ 110/120/220/240V 50/60Hz 26W
Technics Model SH-10R Remote Controller for SP-10MKII

Technics Motor Clamping Plate Original extremely rare
Technics SP-10MKII Operating Instruction Original extremely rare !! No Copy
Technics Installation Diagram for SP-10MKII Original extremely rare !! No Copy
Technics SL-1000MKII Flyer Copy

**** The most complete Technics SL-1000MKII Direct-Drive Turntable ****

Pre-Owned Used Product
Superb Excellent Condition with minimal wear only
Displayed in non-smoking area
Obsidian Volcanic Glass Dust Cover Excellent Condition almost without any scratches
100% full working order
53 original pictures from date August 2015


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