Technics EAH-T700 Premium Stereo Headphones

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Technics Premium Stereo Headphones EAH-T700

The new statement of Technics headphones. Superlative musical experience right at your ears.
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Hear the Unheard

Enjoy wide-frequency sound reproduction from the latest high-resolution formats in outstanding clarity, with the new 2-way drive (2" [50 mm] dynamic driver and 1/2" (14 mm) super-tweeter) design. 

Illustration of T700 Strucuture

Angled Driver System

With the 50-mm dynamic driver and 14-mm super tweeter mounted at optimal angles, the structure achieves natural sound orientation along with suppressing sound interference between the drivers, thereby achieving smooth wide-range frequency reproduction with good balance.

Photo of Angled Driver System

50-mm Dynamic Driver Employing Advanced MLF Diaphragm

The 50-mm dynamic driver, which reproduces the main frequency range, employs an MLF (Multi-layer film) diaphragm that has an iridescent gloss finish. Made of several hundred layers, the super-multi-layer film has very low levels of resonance, and reproduces high-purity sound. Realistic sound is reproduced by this uniquely devised configuration. In addition, the newly-designed magnetic circuits smooth the flow of magnetic flux as well as the airflow caused by diaphragm vibration. This achieves wide-ranging and powerful sound quality.

Photo of MLF Diaphragm
Photo of T700

Hi-Res Super Tweeter

To realistically reproduce the elaborate soundstage and atmosphere unique to high-resolution sound sources when they are recorded, the ability to reproduce high frequencies beyond the audible range is crucial. The T700 is thus equipped with 14-mm super tweeters for the super-high-frequency range. The diaphragms employ aluminium with excellent response. In addition, a unique configuration suitable for minute vibrations realistically achieves the elaborate audio of high-resolution sound sources.

Photo of Hi-Res Super Tweeter

Rigid Aluminium Material for Better Sound Performance

Applying wrought aluminium material for the main parts (e.g. hanger/slider) creates a more rigid and stable structure, for a much better sound quality than cast aluminium.

*Wrought aluminium is usually used for the wheels of racing cars and aircraft.

Photo of T700

Anti-Vibration and Anti-Reverberation Structure

In order to thoroughly eliminate excess vibration, which causes muddy sound, the outer housing employs aluminium that features excellent rigidity and vibration dampening. The dynamic driver is securely mounted to the inner housing through PN041 (PLA) damping material, as well as mounted in a floating construction to the speaker plate in front of the driver. This structure thoroughly eliminates unnecessary vibration of the dynamic driver from being transferred to other elements, and thereby increases sound purity. Also, the inside of the housing, surfaces of the speaker plate, and internal surfaces of the ear pads are surface-treated to reduce reverberation. High-clarity sound is reproduced with the highest possible degree of purity from the air vibrations of the diaphragm reaching your ears while effort is made to thoroughly reduce reverberation.

Illustration of Anti-Vibration and Anti-Reverberation Structure

Comfortable Fitting

With the horizontal slide adjustment mechanism, the position of the housing and headband can be adjusted to best fit the head shape of the listener. In addition, the adjustment is not limited to fixed steps and the size can be adjusted with high precision. The headphones provide the ideal fit, and allow you to become fully immersed in the music. The ear pads, which can affect sound quality and the sensation of fit, use GRANCUIR™, which is of high quality and provides great comfort on the skin. In addition, the ergonomically-designed cushions have both the optimal shape and low rebound. This achieves a comfortable fit without fatigue even when listening for long periods of time. "GRANCUIR™" is a trademark of IDEATEX JAPAN

Photo of Slider
Photo of Earpad

Premium Stereo Headphones EAH-T700

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Technics Sound Technology
Natural Sound-field with Angled-Driver System
2-way Drive (50-mm Dynamic Driver & 14-mm Super Tweeter)
100 kHz High-Resolution Sound with Super Tweeter
High Linearity 50-mm Dynamic Driver with Advanced MLF Diaphragm
Floating Dynamic Driver & Anti-vibration Driver’s Frame for Unnecessary Resonance and Vibration Elimination Anti-reverberation Structure with Speaker Plate and Ear Pads
Wrought Aluminium Material on Main Parts
Technics Definitive Design
Sophisticated Alumite Treatment
3D Ergonomic Ear Pads with Luxury Fabric "GRANCUIR™"
Speaker Unit
Ø50-mm Dynamic Driver / Ø14-mm Super Tweeter
(Advanced MLF Diaphragm) / (Aluminium Diaphragm)
Frequency Response
3 Hz - 100 kHz
102 dB / mW
28 Ω
Power Handling (IEC)
1500 mW (IEC)
1.2 m, 4N-OFC, 3.0 m, 4N-OFC
(1.2 m) Stereo Mini Plug, Glod Plated, L-shape - Straight-shape, Detachable
(3.0 m) Stereo Mini Plug, Glod Plated, Straight - shape - Straight-shape, Detachable
Approx. 470 g (without cord)
Approx. 515 g (with 1.2 m cord)
(3.5 mm→) 6.3 mm Plug Adaptor Pouch




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