Technics SL-1025 Direct Drive High-End Turntable SP-25

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Technics SL-1025 Quarz Synthesizer Direct Drive High End Professional Turntable


Extremely rare Technics Turntable now for sale at ALBEPRO the Technics® specialist from the Benelux Europe

The Technics SL-1025 is a complete high-end turntable system consisting of the SP-25 turntable, the EPA-B500 armbase, and the EPA-A250 tonearm.
The SP-25 direct drive turntable is quartz synthesized, with continuous, quartz controlled pitch variation (+/-6%).
The base, made of one piece molded rubber, is both anti-resonant and acoustically deadened.
The tonearm consists of the EPA-B500 arm base and the EPA-A250 universal arm unit which is the most beautifull tonearm produced by Technics.
While the EPA-A250 is compatible with a wide range of headshells and cartridges, the EPA-B500 arm base features a slide-in connector which permits users to substitute any of the various optional arm units (EPA-A501H,A501M, A501L, A501E, and A501G) of the EPA-500 tonearm system.
Such a complete tonearm system allows compliance-mass matching for almost any hifi cartridge ever made, excludingthose with built-in headshells.

Outstanding Total Performance and Tonearm Interchangeability

Total Quarz Control, Continuous Pitch Adjustment Within +/- 6%

Instant Starts 0.7sec and Steady Speed Due to High Torque 1.5, Direct Drive Motor and Advanced Circuitry

Single Molded Turntable Base Uses Heavy Rubber Material. Turntable and Tonearm Panel Are Isolated to Eliminate Resonance

Large Platter with Three-Fold Damping to Absorb External Vibrations
Laser Holography Analysis Turntable Platter, Frequency 1098 Hz, Sound Pressure Level 90 dB

Slide-in Connector for Arm Interchangeability
Gold-plated terminals

Universal Tonearm with Dynamic Damping Device; Mounted on Arm Base with Gimbal Suspension
Low Frequency Range Response

Operating Features
Full cycle detection frequency generator and high torque integral rotor-platter direct drive motor.
Gimbal suspension system with bearing friction of only 7 milligrams or less in both axes.
Strong connection between arm unit and arm base due to a locking, slide-in, self-cleaning connector with gold-plated terminals.
Accurate tonearm height adjustment up to 20 mm with precision helicoids.

Pre-Owned used product
Outstanding condition with minimal wear only (see original pictures from this SL-1025), hardly visible, hardly used
Displayed in non-smoking area
Very rare in such a beautiful condition, original pictures.
100% full working order
Collector item

Technics Headshell SFPCC31006K1
Auxiliary Weight SFPWG17202-1 
Orignial Technics SL-1025 Gold Pated High Fidelity Cable with gold plated connectors
Original SL-1025 dustcover including original hinges


12 months on technical side
No returns on pre-owned products
All our pre-owned products are carefully selected, minimum user tracks, fully serviced and tested, technical and optical in absolute great condition

Power AC 230V ~ 10W 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 52.6 x 17.2 x 42.0 cm (20-45/64” x 6-49/64” x 16-17/32”)
Weight 16.1 kg (35.5 lb)

Tonearm Section EPA-A250
Type System Tonearm interchangeable arm unit with dynamic damping divice
Suspension Gimbal suspension
Effective length 250mm
Rear stub length max. 93mm (from point of suspension)
Range of height adjustment 42 ~ 62mm (from mounting surface to arm tube center)(20mm at helicoids part)
Overhang 15mm
Lateral tracking error angle +1°6’ at the inner groove, +2°6’at the outer groove
Friction 7mg or less (lateral, vertical)
Effective arm mass 14g (without cartridge)
Adjustable tracking force 0~2g (direct-reading)
Headshell weight 7.5g + 4gr external weight removable
Suitable cartridge weight 6~8g, 3~6g (with supplied headshell sub-weight, 10.5~12.5g with supplied stub sub-weight
DC resistance of phono cable 39.5mΩ/m
Capacitance of phono cable 41.5pF/m
Resonance (Q) below 8dB
Pitch of mounting screws standard 12.7 mm (1/2”)
Headshell pins 1.2mm diameter, 4-pins
Diameter of arm mounting hole 62mmØ


Turntable Section SP-25
Quarz Synthesizer Direct Drive
Motor Brushless DC motor
Control method Quartz-phase-locked control
Turntable platter Aluminium diecast, diameter 33.9cm (13-11/32”), weight 2.0kg (4.4 lb)
Speeds 33-1/3, 45 rpm
Speed adjustment range +/- 6%
Starting torque (1.3
Start-up time 0.7 sec (to 33-1/3 rpm from standstill)
Braking system Electronic brake
Wow and flutter 0.01% WRMS turntable assembly only
0.025% WRMS (JIS C5521)
+/-0.035% peak (IEC 98A weighted)
Rumble -78db DIN B (IEC 98A weighted)
+56dB DIN A (IEC 98A unweighted)


ALBEPRO the Technics® specialist from the Benelux Europe

Official Dealer Technics®/ © Panasonic Corporation

Your supplier for exclusive and rare Technics® Turntables, replacement parts, maintenance- and upgrades

Any repairs, maintenance- and upgrades are done by a professional skilled manner according Technics®/Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. specifications. 
Exclusively with new original Technics®/Panasonic parts and lubrications 

Both for the HIFI & High-End segment as DJ professional & Bedroom DJ

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