Pioneer DJM-T1

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Pioneer DJM-T1
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Pioneer DJM-T1  The first TRAKTOR certified mixer designed specifically to natively control all of the software’s advanced new features.

Gebruikte goederen.

Deze Pioneer DJM-T1 verkeerd in absolute nieuw staat! Wordt geleverd met de volgende accessoires;

Traktor Scratch Duo 2 Installation Disc
Pioneer Driver Software for DJ Mixer ver.1.02
2x Traktor Scratch Control Disc MK2
2x Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl MK2 Black
2x Traktor Butter Rug super-slim, ultra-slick slipmats (nieuw in verpakking)
Netkabel & Gebruiksaanwijzing van Pioneer

The DJM-T1 is the complete solution: a hybrid mixer, a controller and audio interface in one unit. Included in the box is a copy of TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 software, along with the control CD and vinyl needed for DVS scratch control. All that’s left is to connect your CDJs or turntables to the mixer and the software does the rest.

We designed the DJM-T1 to bring the included software’s exciting new features to life straight out of the box – particularly the eagerly awaited Sample Decks and all the exciting possibilities that they bring. Alongside the two scratch decks, DJs can open a pair of Sample Decks and load up to 4 loops or samples in each – for amazing loops and remixing on the fly. The DJM-T1 is geared up to put all the right controls at your fingertips to make this a reality in your performance.


DJs won’t need to touch the computer as all browsing, loading and even cue, play and nudge features are available should the turntables go down. There’s a bank of dedicated controls for TRAKTOR’s Advanced and Chained effects and the included software provides 6 stunning FX that are guaranteed to inspire. Scratch DJs will be glad to see essential crossfader adjustments such as lag, tension, curve and reverse functions.

The onboard soundcard and MIDI interface lets DJs connect to a computer with a single USB cable and there’s a dedicated output channel to easily record those moments of dexterity and creative genius straight back into the mixer. Inheriting the sound quality design of our industry-leading DJM-900 and DJM-2000, the DJM-T1 delivers a clear and powerful club sound every time. Plus, with enhanced channel fader durability, it’s a performance-enhancing tool you can depend on time and time again.

Main Features


Layout perfectly mirrors TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2

The DJM-T1 is not “just” a mixer; it boasts controller functions designed specifically for the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 software, so there is no need for an external controller. DJs get instant access to the 2 new Sample Decks, to create their own loops from live tracks, or remix and edit on the fly. Each Sample Deck gives the option of four loops or samples, for endless possibility.

Software functions such as browse, fast forward, play and rewind are also operated straight from the mixer. FX, loops, hot cues and sampling controls on the unit mirror the TRAKTOR 2 interface for intuitive operability.

Scratch control using DJ player turntables

Fully TRAKTOR SCRATCH certified and equipped with a powerful USB soundcard, so DJs just need to use the included CONTROL CD or vinyl to start operating the software’s scratch functions through their CDJs or turntables. Professional performance is further enhanced by the built in booth monitor feature.


6 of TRAKTOR’s most popular and impressive tempo-synched DJ effects (Reverb, Delay, Flanger, Filter, Beatmasher, Gater) and 1 filter per deck complete the sonic weaponry, giving DJs all the tools they need to stand out from the crowd. Plus the LFO CONTROL signal output changes at beat-by-beat intervals for precision control.

Internal USB soundcard let DJs easily record sets

The onboard USB soundcard eliminates the need for an external soundcard, so DJs can connect the mixer straight to a computer with a single USB cable. That means recording live or practice sets is a breeze, as the included audio interface enables output signal switching to suit the activity, whether that is DJing, recording or producing music.

High quality design for clear, powerful sound

DJM-T1 TRAKTOR certified mixer: fader detail

Faders are smoother and more durable, thanks to 2 metal shafts supporting the fader knobs

The DJM-T1 inherits all of the high sound quality design features expected from our industry leading DJM mixers. Analog and digital circuitry are separated, while analogue inputs are converted to digital over the shortest distance possible to reduce unwanted noise. The internal soundcard receives input from a PC as a digital signal, with no loss of sound quality. The 24-bit D/A converter ensures sound clarity for not only the master output, but the booth output too.

Enhanced channel fader operability and durability

Our new channel faders are smoother and more durable than ever before, thanks to 2 metal shafts supporting the fader knobs. The fader is positioned to the side, minimizing damage from liquid or dust that can get inside. The DJM-T1 crossfader has an exclusive Pioneer magnetic construction that provides extreme durability, and can be used more than 10 million times, while Pioneer P-LOCK Fader Caps are impossible to pull off in the heat of a mix. The operational load, fader curve1 and cut lag2 can also be adjusted to your preference.


Other features

  • Microphone and AUX terminals located on front of unit for ease of connection during performance.
  • Multi-input selector for effortless switching between CD/PHONO/USB sources.
  • Rubber knobs on ISOLATOR/EFFECT/LOOP give increased control.
  • MIDI signal output for operation of external devices via the FADER/ISOLATOR.
  • Built-in 3-band isolator type equalizer gives level control ranging from +6dB to -∞dB for HI/MID/LOW ranges individually.
  • Automatically switches to standby if unit is not used, or there is no input, for a pre-set period of time

1Rate of volume balance change for the left and right players based on adjustment of the crossfader position.

2The dead zones on both sides of the fader where the volume does not change.


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