AudioQuest NRG-Y3 Power Cable

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NRGY3EU02 2.0mtr
To achieve the highest possible sound quality, every part of the hi-fi chain is important.
So is the power supply.
If a part of quality is missing at the beginning of the chain, it will never be made up for at a later time.
Sometimes this is characterized by a lack of dynamics, sub-layer and/or top-end.
That is why it is good to start with a good current filter and good quality mains cables.

AudioQuest NTG-Y3 ALBEPRO's best choice for turntables

Don't give RFI a chance
Both the phase and neutral of the NRG-Y3 have a shielding 'Noise Dissipation' jacket with a silver-plated drain wire that effectively drains all RFI to ground in the junction box.
Because of this shielding, RFI can do nothing but choose the path of least resistance and flow through the sheath to earth.
You will notice this mainly due to a lower noise in the background of the music.

Solid core, semi solid core and multi stranded
AudioQuest uses semi solid core copper conductors made of pure copper (excluding the highest positioned cables).
This gives the conductors a very low Ohmic resistance so that amplifiers can deliver the power when they need to deliver it.
These semi-solid core conductors have a different sound signature than the stranded conductors used in OEM cabling, with many super thin copper wires.
This has various causes, in addition to the quality of the copper used.

The conductors in the cabling are machine wound with the utmost precision to ensure a tight, consistent position of the conductors.
AudioQuest calls this a Semi-Concentric construction method.
In theory this means that the capacitive and inductive quantities are comparable (low) on every part of the cable.
With multi-stranded cables, the conductor positions often alternate several times over the entire cable length.
The electron jumps from one conductor to the other, which is undesirable. In addition, thin veins each generate their own magnetic field and interact with each other undesirably.
This causes distortion.
Solid core and semi solid core do this many times less than a multi-stranded construction method and therefore the distortion is lower.


We recommend taking a minimum length of 2.0m
Length 2.0 m
EU Schuko to IEC C13
Power Capacity 10A
Conductor 2x 1.31 mm²
Alloy Long-Grain Copper (LGC)
Outer jacket braid 

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